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BA Glass Group | The Futura Program

Data de publicação 26/04/2018

Programa da BA vidro com inscrições abertas para a área de Engenharia

publicado a: 26.04.2018; por: P.PORTO


The Futura Program, intended for recent engineers, aims to attract and integrate, within BA Glass Group, young talent with different engineering background, who aspire to develop behavioural and technical skills in an industrial environment, with an extensive intercultural network.
The application process to the Futura Program encourages candidates to submit their CV to our company. The final stage of the process ends with the recruiting of the candidates chosen to undertake the Futura Trainee Program at BA Glass Group.

The Futura is a 12 months program.
The 2018 edition will take place in BA Iberia plants.



Hold an Engineering Degree or Master;
Being in the professional market for less than 2 year;
Be available during 12 months;
Be fluent in English;
Be ready to travel

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